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The Collection

Collections are unique solutions designed to bring together the convenience and cost effectiveness of off-the-shelf eLearning with all the benefits of an engaging, bespoke training curriculum.

Our new Collections feature a variety of learning styles and fresh content to improve engagement and provide a long term solution to your training needs.

Using Collections, your organisation can enjoy the best of both worlds, giving you ready-made, holistic training programmes designed to deliver a multi-year training strategy with fresh content year-on-year.

Adaptive Courses

  • An innovative new approach to promote knowledge retention and learner engagement

  • Pre-assessment identifies areas of strengths and weaknesses

  • Course is automatically tailored to cover gaps in learners’ knowledge

  • Significantly reduces unnecessary training time

Our Adaptive Courses

Immersive Courses

  • Scenario-based courses

  • Place the learner at the centre of the experience

  • Test their ability to make the right decisions.

  • Highly interactive; designed to improve learner engagement.

Our Immersive Courses

Business Continuity

Our Business Continuity training course will develop your team’s understanding of what Business Continuity is, how it relates to employees within the wider business, and how your team can contribute to risk identification and planning.

Our immersive Business Continuity course takes you through a number of scenarios designed to illustrate concepts of Business Continuity management, in easy-to-understand, bitesized chunks. Each scenario is aimed at helping employees identify issues within current Business Continuity practices, and the steps they can take to plan more effectively and protect against unexpected issues in the future.

Employee Investigations and Hearings

When grievances and performance issues occur, the first stage is often to try to resolve them informally. When this is not possible, a formal investigation process must be followed. It is vital managers and business leaders are aware of how to handle these kinds of investigations and hearings. Our Employee Investigations and Hearings online short course helps managers with the grievance and disciplinary investigations process. It covers what they need to understand to make the processes go as smoothly and fairly as possible.

Learners follow Saphira, an HR manager, as she investigates an allegation of misconduct and gathers evidence. They also follow Rory, the case handler, as he reviews the evidence and decides whether a hearing needs to take place.

Managing Disciplinaries

Disciplinaries can be a sensitive subject and challenging for managers to navigate. Training on how to handle them well and understand the process is important for managers to have, since it builds their skillset in a vital area.

Our Managing Disciplinaries course focuses on how managers can approach disciplinaries in a constructive manner and follow a process that promotes fair treatment of the employee and the business.

Microlearning Courses

  • Short 5-10 minute learning vignettes

  • Focussed on key topics

  • Improve knowledge retention with bite size learning

  • Can be rolled out in response to emerging training needs.

Our Microlearning Courses

Giving Useful Feedback

Giving good feedback lets employees know how they are doing in terms of their work-related performance and behaviours. It is one of the most valuable skills a manager has to motivate employees and improve performance.

Our Giving Useful Feedback Take 5 short course helps managers understand the benefits of good feedback and how to deliver it to effectively manage the performance of their teams. In the course, managers learn how to apply principles to help give useful feedback, whether it’s positive or corrective, and move the conversation to future improvements.

Mentoring Awareness

Mentoring lets individual employees access a mentor’s experience and expertise in one-to-one conversations. The mentee then applies these insights to fuel their own professional and personal development.

This course outlines the key features of mentoring, contrasting it with coaching, as the two terms are often used interchangeably. It will help you identify potential mentees – and mentors – and set up more effective mentoring partnerships.

Monitoring Performance Effectively

Monitoring performance is a vital part of performance management. It allows managers to recognise good performances, spot issues early and support their staff to get the best out of them.

Our Monitoring Performance Effectively Take 5 course helps managers understand the importance of performance monitoring and how to put this into practice in their own teams. It explores formal and informal monitoring and gives practical ways for managers to monitor their team’s performance in the best ways.

Setting SMART Objectives

Setting meaningful, achievable objectives can make a big difference to performance. The SMART system provides a clear way to make sure employees are properly supported to achieve meaningful objectives.

Our Setting SMART Objectives Take 5 course explores SMART goals, how to set them and how to use them to effectively monitor and improve performance.

Supporting your Team’s Performance

Supporting your team to make the most of their performance and job satisfaction is a key skill for all managers. Knowing the best strategies to use to support your team to do their best work can be very helpful.

Our Supporting your Team’s Performance Take 5 course allows managers to put their skills to the test. How well can you support your team to make sure their performance is at its best?

The Performance Management Lifecycle

The success of any organisation depends on the efforts of individual employees. It’s essential that each individual delivers their best possible performance. Organisations aim to achieve this goal through performance management, focusing on three key areas: planning, monitoring and supporting, and reviewing.

Our Performance Management Lifecycle informational short course encourages learners to think about the benefits of each aspect of the lifecycle to their organisation, employees, and teams.

Understanding Grievances

Sometimes things go wrong at work and you need to submit a grievance about a situation or incident. Our Understanding Grievances course is designed to give your employees an understanding of what grievance resolution is, informal and formal ways to resolve grievances, and the key principles and ways to support the grievance resolution process.

Detailed Study Courses

  • Utilises what we would call a ‘traditional’ eLearning approach, meaning that learners are presented with the information then tested at the end

  • Information is presented in an interactive, engaging way

  • Longer, detailed courses

Our Detailed Study Courses

Making Appraisals Count


Appraisals play a vital role in managing the performance of all teams. They ensure all employees have the right skills and knowledge to perform their duties to the best of their ability. They also align expectations and make sure all employees are working effectively towards the goals of their team and organisation.

Our Making Appraisals Count short eLearning course helps managers plan and conduct their appraisals effectively.

Managing Sickness Absence

Sickness absence affects most employees and teams at one time or another. Managers need to be able to manage it effectively, especially when absence is prolonged or very regular.

Our Managing Sickness Absence course helps managers to handle sickness absence in a fair manner, identifying when it is causing performance issues and knowing what steps to take to support their staff.

Communications Resources

To positively reinforce the learning messages in our courses we also provide you with a suite of communications resources, including:
  • Engaging resources to print out and display in the workplace

  • Share digitally via intranet, newsletter or display screen.

  • Promote a culture of compliance

  • Reinforce key behaviours

Our Communications Resources

Toolbox Talks

  • Resources based on corresponding courses

  • Designed to facilitate a blended learning experience for small groups.

  • Includes downloadable facilitation notes

  • Use as part of face-to-face training.

Our Toolbox Talks Courses

Phishing Simulator

To positively reinforce the learning messages in our courses we also provide you with a suite of communications resources, including:
  • Send simulated phishing emails to your employees

  • Track and report on who opens them

  • Our AI driven platform will assess their learning needs

  • Auto enrol employees on our Phishing and Information Security courses to make your business more secure
Our Performance Management Training Courses
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Our Collections help you to:

A Flexible Solution

  • Collections are designed to offer a highly flexible, easily scalable and agile alternative to traditional off the shelf training.

  • Our collections offer a variety of different learning interventions and styles, providing each organisation the flexibility to create a training plan that meets their unique requirements.

A Scalable Solution

  • Collections are easily scalable too; whether you need to provide in-depth training, refresher training or a comprehensive schedule of short training activities, each collection provide enough options to roll out a unique training programme year after year.

An Agile Solution

  • As they are off the shelf, our collections are ready when you are and can be deployed quickly and easily in direct response to the changing level of risk being faced by your organisation.

  • Each collection is updated with new courses as we develop them, so your training programme can be fresh each year and your training is always up to date, relevant and effective.

All Topics

Performance Management in Business

Effective performance management is important for motivating staff and aligning their work targets with the objectives of the business. Our courses guide managers through these vital skills that don’t always come naturally.

Our Performance Management courses develop all the skills a manager needs to be at their most effective, whether they’re a new manager or experienced in senior roles.

Focusing on key skills such as setting objectives, measuring and monitoring performance and giving useful feedback, our Performance Management online training helps business leaders build on their management skills.


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