Our Protecting Assets Courses

Product Liability

This engaging eLearning course covers the best practice to employ when faced with a product liability claim or product recall and looking into what happens when a company faces product liability and what can be done to avoid... Read More »

15 minutes

Protecting Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is one of the most important assets an organisation has. It sets them apart from competitors and ensures the business progresses. What is intellectual property? Why should we protect it? How can we protect... Read More »

10 minutes

Protecting Physical Property

During an average working day, all employees are trusted to use their organisation's physical property. This can mean anything from a security lanyard to company cars. This scenario-based course asks learners to consider... Read More »

10 minutes

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Protecting Assets eLearning

Where would your organisation be without its valuable assets?

In order for businesses to maintain profitability and endure, it's important for employees at all levels to understand the difference between physical and intellectual property, and know how to protect and look after both.

When organisations trust employees to use company property wisely, and when employees know their creative work will be respected and protected, we all benefit from a more productive and satisfying place of work.

Protecting Assets

Protecting Assets Online Courses

Our engaging 'Protecting Assets' eLearning provides insight into both intellectual and physical organisational assets. Both Protecting Physical Property and Protecting Intellectual Property are scenario-based eLearning courses. They are set inside a fictitious company named Auto A-Z, with the aim of allowing learners to practice and apply learning content inside of a safe environment. By creating an immersive, interactive learning environment such as Auto A-Z, your employees learn by making decisions, answering questions, and testing out different approaches – just like in real life!

Protecting Assets Online Courses

Protecting Assets Insights

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