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Records Management

Many business decisions rest on accurate records management. All organisations benefit when their records are correctly classified, stored and maintained. Our Records Management (Global) training course teaches learners the... Read More »

25 minutes

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Our Records Management Training courses are available as part of the Compliance Training Online Suite in one great package.

Records Management Training

Our records management online training course consists of three specially created modules, each followed by a short series of questions designed to allow learners to reinforce their new knowledge as they go along. The first module introduces learners to the concept of proper records management, and explains why it's important to keep good quality records in a way that is compliant with the law.

The second module details the four stages of the lifecycle of a record, breaking each stage down into its most important features so that employees have the chance to learn key terminology and what the basic principles associated with managing records and information are. The final module is a longer 'test your knowledge' section wherein learners complete a longer assessment to return a final score that your administrators can track and keep score of.

Records Management Training
Records Management Training

As with all our courses our records management training is fully responsive meaning that it can be deployed on mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop. In addition to this all of our courses are designed using the latest techniques in eLearning so not only do they look exceptional they also deliver truly engaging content which gives learners the best possible opportunity to retain as much knowledge as possible. This is because our content is delivered in a variety of formats such as real life case studies, storytelling, quizzes, challenges and even in a game based format.

Both our records management training courses are available off-the-shelf for ease of use; we can also work with your subject experts to tailor the approach and information to suit your organisation's requirements. You can even modify our courses yourself using the Adapt Authoring Tool

What can your business expect with Records Management training?

Did you know that the records and information stored by your organisation have a lifecycle all of their own? It starts when records are created and ends once they are properly destroyed or disposed of (unless they are to be preserved permanently in certain circumstances). In between these two phases, the identification, classification, security, and tracking of records all form a part of what is called 'records management', and it's important that employees who handle important information in this way are given effective records management training.

With good records management training, staff members will learn how to comply with the law when it comes to storing, handling, and keeping information safe for lengths of time. The purpose of records management is to preserve evidence and information about either an organisation or a person with a view to demonstrating what type of business transaction or dealings have taken place. In order to mitigate risk, records management training should be provided to ensure that employees comply with legislation that protects both the way the records themselves are used, and also the reputational and financial virtue of organisations just like yours.