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Our Social Media Awareness courses are available as part of the Compliance eLearning Suite in one great package.

Social Media Awareness Training

Ensure your employees are up to the challenge with the Using Social Media Challenge eLearning course from DeltaNet. By combining gamification and storytelling with immersive learning techniques, this unique and exciting course is as innovative as it is informative. Using live-action film, the course is designed to educate learners about the risks of cyber-crime on social media and the precautions they should take to avoid becoming a victim.

Social Media Awareness eLearning is a leading social media training course from DeltaNet. It has been designed to help your employees understand the risks of posting sensitive or confidential information on their personal social media accounts. It was specially created so that your organisation can be sure that proper measures have been taken to protect its reputation – as well as any data and information that ought not to be shared with employees' colleagues and friends.

Social Media Awareness Training
Social Media Awareness

By completing our Social Media Awareness training, employees will understand the importance of using and managing the privacy settings available on their social media, and the sorts of discussions to avoid participating in (i.e. those concerning their employer or their employer's products). Additionally, employees will be made aware of the different types of social media sites and their uses, and will take a closer look at some realistic scenarios they could encounter using social media in real life.

Our social media training course is available off-the-shelf for ease of use; we can also work with your subject experts to tailor the approach and information to suit your organisation's requirements. Using the Adapt Authoring Tool you can even modify our courses yourself.

Why is Social Media training important?

News that an employee has landed themselves in hot water for posting something they shouldn't on social media is becoming increasingly commonplace with the advent of more and more social platforms. Maybe, like most people, you've even wondered how on earth could someone think that was OK to post? The truth is often a mixture of unclear social media policy at work and lack of proper training on the issue. Organisations shouldn't ignore the weighty reputational – even financial – risks that that come along with the prevalence of social media outlets and the things they could be used for. Neither should they ignore the risks of cyber-criminals hoping to mine employee data on social media, or even infect your entire network. Employees should be empowered to spot, tackle, and avoid making these social media mistakes.

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