Welcome to our Developer Page

We’ve created a comprehensive API which allows you to quickly and easily integrate our LXP Astute with other applications.

We’re really pleased that you want to integrate with our intelligent and powerful Learning Experience Platform, Astute.

We have provided some information below to help get you started, or you can dive straight in and access the API reference documentation.

If you require any assistance please contact support@delta-net.co.uk

Getting started...

Every call you make to our API will need to authenticate by an Astute user. This user will need to be active and have permission to view learner data within the Astute platform.
A common practice is to set up a specific API user on the Astute platform which can then be used for your API calls.
Each call should be authenticated with Basic Authentication, so simply pass the basic authentication of your Astute user with each call.
If the user does not have the appropriate user permission, the call will fail.
If you do not have an Astute user, please speak to your Astute administrator.

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