Frequently Asked Questions

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about eLearning or DeltaNet.

Q: Do I need technical expertise to use eLearning?

A: No. Our mission is to make eLearning accessible to everyone, whether or not they are technical. All you need is an Internet connection and about the same level of expertise required to check your email or shop online.

Q: How is your eLearning delivered?

A: Course licenses include access to courses through our Astute eLearning Platform. Learners can log on to Astute anywhere with an Internet connection and the first thing they'll see is a dashboard of courses they need to complete.

Q: Why should I choose DeltaNet?

A: We make it our business to stay on top of constantly evolving regulations, understand how they affect businesses, and build eLearning courses that meet their requirements. Choose DeltaNet as your eLearning Partner for eLearning courses that evolve alongside regulations and your business requirements.

Q: We already have an eLearning platform, can we still use your courses?

A: All of our eLearning courses are SCORM 1.2 compliant so you can launch them from your existing eLearning platform without losing the ability to track progress.

Q: What are the technical requirements for using your courses?

A: Click here to view our detailed technical requirements.