FCA Compliance

Our online FCA Compliance training helps your employees to understand what they need to in order to keep your business compliant with FCA regulations.
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How does our solution help?

Our FCA Compliance training will give your employees a complete view of the knowledge they need in order to ensure that your business complies with FAC Regulations and avoids the severe financial penalties and reputational damage that come with non-compliance. The training covers:
  • What FCA regulation is, what it does and why it exists
  • An explanation of the UK’s financial sanctions regime
  • The roles of the FCA, HMT and OFSI
  • How to access the FCA handbook
  • How a risk-based approach can help with compliance
  • The eleven principles for business
  • Managerial responsibility
  • An overview of compliance requirements
  • Trade controls- what they are and who they apply to
  • Differences between title transfers and incoterms
Within our comprehensive coverage we offer a number of courses to provide a complete package of learning including Vulnerable Persons, Treating Customers Fairly, Market Abuse Regulation, Senior Managers and Certification Regimes and Client Money and Assets
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Why choose our FCA Compliance Training?

Our FCA Compliance Training courses will give your employees a thorough, comprehensive understanding of FCA Regulations and most importantly how they can help your business ensure regulatory compliance and avoid the associated severe financial penalties.

How will we do this?

By keeping your learners engaged with their training and maximising their knowledge retention. Our courses utilise a refreshing blend of learning techniques including:

  • Interactive, scenario based learning
  • Gamification (challenge and gameplay based)
  • Microlearning (5 minute, bite sized training courses)
  • Detailed Study

This variety of learning styles helps to counter employees views of mandatory regulatory training being boring and repetitive especially when they have to do it year after year.

The breadth and depth of content that our online FCA Compliance Training offers ensure that you can serve your employees fresh content which is visually appealing, engaging and interactive.


We offer a variety of flexible pricing options that can be tailored to your requirements. The figures below are indicative costs, please contact us for a more specific quote.
Number of Learners Cost (per year)
50 - 100
£34.50 / per learner
101 - 200
£29 / per learner
201 - 300
£23 / per learner
301 - 400
£17.50 / per learner
401 - 500
£11.50 / per learner

What do we do differently?

Our FCA Compliance training courses are created by a combination of Subject Matter Experts and Learning Professionals.

Our Instructional Designers create the content and are highly skilled educators who understand how to create experiences that make learning easy, engaging and actually enjoyable!

What we don’t have is people who can simply use software to create eLearning.

What we do have is people with a passion for creating engaging, memorable learning experiences that actually help employees to retain information and ultimately help your business to be compliant.


How do users take their courses?

Our courses can be taken online but for optimum performance we recommend using them with our intelligent, AI driven Learning Experience Platform- Astute.

Are translated versions of your courses available?

Yes- we offer our courses in 70+ different languages. Many of our courses have been translated by native speakers.

Why choose DeltaNet International?

  • We have over 20 years’ experience helping Mid-Market and Enterprise level clients achieve their Compliance, Health and Safety and Performance Training objectives
  • We currently help over 1000 clients to create compliant, safe, high performing teams
  • We are a trusted solutions provider to the likes of Sony, BMW, Allianz, eToro, Canon, Suzuki and Electrolux
  • With PLC financial backing, we are constantly funding innovation, developing new products and learning techniques to help your business achieve its goals

Still not sure?

Why not take a 7 day trial of our courses and try them at your leisure?

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