Our Environmental Awareness Training Courses

Environmental Awareness

There are many things that individuals and organisations can do to protect the environment. With increasing awareness of the effects of human activity on the environment, there has never been a more important time for businesses... Read More »

30 minutes Detailed-Study

Environmental Awareness (Cylix course)

Human activities are having a devastating impact on our environment, with global warming, pollution, the exhaustion of natural resources, and the destruction of natural habitats all posing very real and immediate threats... Read More »

60 minutes Detailed-Study

Environmental Awareness (Global)

All organisations need to consider their impact on the environment. With environmental issues more prominent than ever before, there has never been a more important time for businesses to consider their sustainability, energy... Read More »

30 minutes Detailed-Study

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Environmental Awareness Training FAQs

How will the course be delivered?

As with all learning material on DeltaNet, the Environmental Awareness online course is delivered in a responsive format. This means that the course can be taken on smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop. All our courses are also available off-the-shelf for ease of use. We can also work closely with your subject experts to tailor the approach and information to suit your organisation's requirements. You can even modify our courses yourself to suit your employees' needs using our Adapt Authoring Tool.

We pride ourselves in designing courses that evoke maximum engagement with learners and help them retain as much knowledge as possible. DeltaNet utilises the latest expertise in eLearning - including gamification, challenges, quizzes and real-life case studies - to bring learning to life.

Does my organisation need environmental awareness training?

In short, yes. Global warming is a growing epidemic and global crisis. There is no denying that businesses and organisations are and should be the leaders in limiting the effects of climate change.

Our environmental awareness training programme enables organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and make everyday work life more sustainable. The course has been designed to help learners understand the benefits and their corporate responsibility of sustainability and explains the practical ways to conserve energy and resources at work such as:

- Electronic equipment (Lights, computers and lifts)

- Use of transport and paper

- Food packaging and recycling

- Water coolers

- Work road travel

With thorough environmental awareness training through DeltaNet's responsive and instructional design, your employees will learn the effects of greenhouse gases on the Ozone Layer. The course also tackles the life-threatening effects of acid rain and burning fossil fuels. Our environmental awareness training programme has an encompassing focus on the negative side effects of global warming on humans, animals and nature.

Does my organisation need environmental awareness training?

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