Personal Safety

Our online Personal Safety course is designed to explore the risks to personal safety at work and how to control them

Key Learning Points:

  • Your employer’s responsibilities for your personal safety
  • When and where your personal safety is most at risk
  • How to assess and minimise risks to your personal safety
  • Legislation relating to self-defence in a potentially violent situation
  • The importance of good communication skills

Course Overview

Our Personal Safety eLearning Course is designed to ensure the safety of staff members both inside and outside of work. It explores the definition of personal safety, what workplace violence is and how it can be avoided, and what the main risks to personal safety at work are.

Learners will find out about their employers’ responsibilities when it comes to looking after their personal safety and where and when they could be most at risk.

Course Details

  • Multiple-choice question assessment
  • Certificate on completion
  • Course can be tailored to meet your specific requirements

Course Contents

Our Personal Safety online course is broken down into two modules.

Our Personal Safety online course is broken down into two modules.

What is Personal Safety?

In this course, you will learn about potential risks to your personal safety and how to recognise them when they arise. There can be few topics as important to learn about than how to keep yourself safe at work. Knowing how to spot the risks and minimise them can be vital.

Risks to Personal Safety

Learn how everyday activities can put your personal safety at risk, as well as how to identify and reduce these risks. This module covers the legislative responsibilities of employers concerning health and safety. It explores control measures you can put in place to reduce risks to your personal safety.

Violence in the Workplace

Learn about work-related violence and how to reduce the risks of becoming a victim. This module covers the importance of good communication skills, how to manage risks to your personal safety and report any concerns, and the legislation relating to self-defence in a potentially violent situation.

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Tailored versions of the courses are available for the following sectors

Compatible for

Any Workplace

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Fire & Rescue

The Assessment

Once you’ve completed the other topics, put your knowledge to the test in this short assessment on personal safety.

Learners are assessed via 6 multiple-choice questions about personal safety. They must achieve a mark of 80% or above to pass.

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The Importance of Personal Safety Training

Personal safety is a person’s right to go about their everyday life free from the threat or fear of psychological, emotional, and physical harm from others.

Employers have a responsibility to safeguard their employees’ personal safety. There is also plenty that individual workers can do to ensure they are as safe as possible while going about their job. Should a worker find themselves in a threatening situation, it’s important they know about the legislation relating to self-defence.


If you have any questions that are not covered here, please get in touch.

Workplace personal safety is the ability to go about your life and work without harm, either physical or psychological. Whether we’re in the workplace or travelling for work, we need to be mindful of our personal safety and that of others. There are steps we can take to protect our personal safety at all times.

We can protect personal safety by taking sensible precautions. These include making sure we share our basic itinerary with a colleague who can raise the alarm if we do not make our destination, creating risk assessments, having a charged phone at all times to call for help if needed and not taking any unnecessary risks.

Emotional safety is the right everybody has to go about their life without feeling attacked, facing verbal abuse or bullying. It can also mean feeling safe enough to be themselves in a work context without fear of abuse. Personal safety is as much about ensuring emotional safety as it is about physical safety.

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