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Our Preventing the Spread of Infection courses are available as part of the Online Health and Safety Courses Suite in one great package.

Why is Training on Preventing Infections Important?

When infection strikes, it can spread rapidly and be very difficult to contain. Knowing the steps to take to avoid it spreading is vital.

There are simple steps all of us can take to slow the spread of infectious diseases. It's important employees know these in advance, both to protect themselves and the health of others, who may be more physically vulnerable.

Why is Training on Preventing Infections Important?

Did you know the difference between containing an infection and passing it on to countless people could be as simple as washing your hands?

When an infection is on the rise, all of us play a part in stopping its spread. Since workplaces often involve lots of people working closely together and touching the same surfaces, it's vitally important all employees know what to do to prevent the spread of infection.

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