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Safeguarding Training

Every man, woman, and child has the basic human right to live a life without abuse. Sadly this is a right that millions of people all over the world are forced to live without.

We have a range of online safeguarding training courses aimed at protecting vulnerable adults and children. Our Introduction to Safeguarding eLearning course aims to teach employees how to recognise and report abuse (even if it is just suspected) and what different sorts of abuse to look out for. The safeguarding eLearning course also covers the risks involved in safeguarding gone wrong, and encourages employees to speak up in times of uncertainty.

Safeguarding Training

Our second and third courses focus on safeguarding adults and safeguarding children respectively, since there are significant differences in how the two should be approached and in the legislative frameworks that govern them. The two courses are separated because, whilst legislation covering children has been around for some time, laws around vulnerable adults are relatively new.

The legislation now recognises that adults and children are different and should be treated differently. Since children are dependent on caregivers in a way in which adults aren't (adults are generally responsible for making their own decisions), this forms the basis of the main legislative difference when it comes to proper safeguarding training.

For organisations looking to offer safeguarding online training to their employees about both adults and children, we also offer a course, Introduction to Safeguarding Adults and Children, which guides learners through the differences – as well as similarities – in safeguarding adults and young people. Whilst still focusing on the main red flags to look out for regarding abuse and how to apply the principles of safeguarding training in practice, the course forms a strong base for organisations who may cross paths with both adults and children.

All our online safeguarding training courses are available off-the-shelf for ease of use; we can also work with your subject experts to tailor the approach and information to suit your organisation's requirements. Using the Adapt Authoring Tool, you can even modify our courses yourself to suit your needs.

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is the act of protecting a person's right to live in safety – free from abuse, harm, and neglect. Safeguarding practices apply to both vulnerable adults and children, although there are nuances in the best way to approach each instance that it's nevertheless good practice for organisations to follow.

Legislation such as the Care Act has been put in place to ensure that organisations educate their workforce on the best way to recognise and prevent abuse, by developing effective safeguarding training and ensuring that all employees know their responsibilities when it comes to proper safeguarding practices.

Safeguarding Insights

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