Key Learning Points:

  • Why controlling slips and trips is important
  • The major areas of risk
  • How to control for the main risks
  • How to spot slips and trips risks in your workplace
  • Safe spillage cleaning techniques

Course Overview

Our Avoiding Slips and Trips online short course explores the key risk factors and control measures relating to slips and trips: environment, contamination, flooring, people and footwear.

This course is available as a short course for individual learning, or a Toolbox Talk. The Manager's Toolbox Talk resource is designed as a multimedia facilitation resource for training a small group; it includes multiple resources to aid group discussion.

It uses animation and diagrams to illustrate the points being made. The Toolbox Talk format includes detailed facilitation notes to encourage small group discussions.

Course Details

  • Course duration: 8 minutes
  • Available for translation

    Cost effective solutions exist for 70+ languages.
  • Part of our Slips and Trips group of courses
  • Designed to promote group discussion
  • Course can be tailored using Adapt Authoring Tool
  • Course can be tailored to meet your specific requirements
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The Assessment

Our Toolbox Talks are designed for group discussion. Learners are prompted to consider their own workplace environment and the risks and control measures that might be appropriate.

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The Importance of Slips and Trips Training

Slips, trips and falls are the among the most common causes of injuries in the workplace, causing a third of all non-fatal work accidents. In almost all cases, they can be easily avoided.

It is every employer's responsibility to ensure the working environment is safe for all staff. Part of this is undertaking regular risk assessments and offering appropriate health and safety training.

The Importance of Slips and Trips Training


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How can we avoid slips, trips and falls?
Slips, trips and falls can be avoided by following safety guidance and putting control measures in place. These include keeping surfaces clean and uncluttered, providing foot protection where appropriate, and making sure lighting and signage are good. Almost all accidents caused by slips and trips are avoidable.
What are the most serious consequences of a fall?
The most serious consequence of a fall is death. Though thankfully this is rare, it does occur in workplaces and highlights the need for good health and safety procedures. Other serious consequences are injuries such as broken bones or strains, loss of ability to work (either temporary or permanent), psychological trauma and damage to equipment.
What are the main control measures for slips and trips?
The main control measures for slips and trips are good housekeeping to avoid tripping over, making sure spills are promptly cleaned up and paying attention to the maintenance of flooring in the workplace. If required, staff should be given protective footwear to prevent them from slipping. Slips and trips are usually preventable.

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