Our Working Safely Training Courses

Food Safety

COMING SOON With the threats of contamination, allergic reactions and food poisoning, it's vital that everyone who works with food has a good understanding of the importance of hygiene and safety. Our Food Safety eLearning... Read More »

30 minutes

Health and Safety Challenge

Our Health and Safety Challenge course looks at the health and safety legislation that applies in the workplace. It explores how to identify common hazards and how to recognise different health and safety signs. Collect all... Read More »

10 minutes

Health and Safety Overview

This course looks at the health and safety legislation that applies in the workplace. It explores how to identify common hazards and employer and employee responsibilities. With the key information set out in an easy to follow... Read More »

25 minutes

Noise Exposure

Noise at work can cause temporary or permanent damage to your hearing, either as hearing loss or tinnitus. Employers and employees can work together to prevent noise exposure at work from damaging people's hearing. In our... Read More »

15 minutes

RIDDOR (Accident Reporting)

COMING SOON RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013) is a piece of legislation covering the legal obligation to report serious accidents, near misses and illnesses occurring through... Read More »

30 minutes

Working Safely

This course is divided into five modules and offers a broad yet thorough insight into how to effectively manage health and safety risks in the workplace. The first module, 'Your Health and Safety', is focused on how to work... Read More »

1 hour+

Working Safely Challenge

Our Working Safely Challenge course combines our Challenge courses in Your Health and Safety, Fire Safety, Manual Handling, Slips and Trips and Risk Assessment. Using elements of gamification and interactivity, the course... Read More »

1.5 hours

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Our Working Safely Training courses are available as part of the Online Health and Safety courses Suite in one great package.

Working Safely training

DeltaNet International's collection of workplace safety eLearning courses are designed to provide a holistic and thorough solution to your organisation's health and safety training needs. Identifying the most common hazards, from fire safety to manual handling and workplace slips and trips, our RoSPA approved eLearning courses work to improve the safety performance of your organisation as a whole, and protect both members of staff and the organisation itself from the risks associated with workplace injury.

Working Safely training

It's not hard to see the benefits that workplace safety eLearning can bring to your organisation - after all, it's in everyone's interest to stay out of harm's way. Sadly, hundreds of people in the UK are fatally injured every year due to preventable accidents, and many more are left hurt or handicapped.

Whilst it's true that health and safety legislation directs most of the responsibility for safety training and preparation towards employers, it is also one of the few policies that place responsibility with the employee as well. Just as employers are expected to provide a safe workplace with adequate training and up-to-date risk assessment for their staff, it falls to employees to comply with the safety standards set for them and abide by all health and safety rules and regulations.

Working Safely Training Insights

Keep up to date with the latest news in Health and Safety with DeltaNet International. Below, you'll find our most recent articles on all topics to do with workplace health and safety, or click "more in news" to see the latest information across health and safety, compliance, and performance management.

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