How do You Safely get Away After an Explosion?

Explosions can occur unexpectedly but understanding simple steps to get away safely could help to save your life. Explosions can be frightening and chaotic but remaining as calm as possible and leaving for a place of safety is key.

Explosions can occur anywhere and at any time. Explosions can be frightening and cause disruption to the lives of those in the surrounding area. You can’t predict whether you will experience an explosion but making yourself aware of the certain steps which you can take to get aware from an explosion safely, could save your life.

There are different types of explosions:

Chemical Explosions: Chemical explosions occur due to an exothermic reaction which releases large shock waves.

Mechanical Explosions: Mechanical explosions occur due to a physical reaction which leads to high-pressure gas expanding beyond a container’s strength and releasing shock waves as a result.

Nuclear Explosions: Nuclear explosions occur due to a fusion or fission reaction which releases a blast wave.

Ways to get away from an explosion safely

  • If you find yourself in a crowd, try not to panic but to move with the crowd away from the explosion.
  • Move as quickly but calmly as possible away from the explosion.
  • Look for a place of shelter which is secure where you can stay temporarily. Do not take shelter under a building which looks like it is crumbling or has been affected by the shock wave.
  • Do not use elevators to exit a building.
  • Stand away from doors and windows which could potentially blast open.
  • If there is smoke, remain close to the floor.
  • If you are trapped underneath debris, try to gain attention from others by banging on anything nearby or using a light to capture attention. As a final resort, shout for help. It is important to try not to shout when trapped in order to save breath.

What to do after an explosion

  • Seek urgent medical attention. Even if you don’t have any visible injuries, a doctor will need to clarify this.
  • If you have become separated from your loved ones, call the police.
  • If you saw anything which could be important information for the police, ensure you inform them with as much detail as you can.
  • The effects of an explosion can continue long after the event and have an impact on your mental health, so it is important to seek help.

In May 2017, a bombing took place at Manchester Arena, resulting in 22 innocent lives being taken. The bomb contained sharp objects such as bolts, which harmed people further, resulting in 50 injured people.

It has been reported that since the explosion happened, 3,500 of those who were involved have sought psychological support due to the serious effect that explosions have upon the mental health of victims. Therefore, explosions have both physical and emotional effects.

Those in the surrounding area of the Manchester explosion did everything possible to help the affected victims to find safety away from the explosion. Nearby hotels opened the premises for victims to take shelter, and taxi drivers picked people up for free and drove them home to ensure that people could get away as safely as possible.

Understanding simple steps which can help you and your loved ones to get away from an explosion safely could save your lives.

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