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New and Expectant Mothers

Our New and Expectant Mothers online course teaches learners to recognise the risks people might face in their working environment. It focuses on risk assessment and identifying the rights and responsibilities of both employees and managers when a worker falls pregnant.

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What Facilities do Employers Need to Provide for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers?

What Benefits am I Entitled to if I Don’t Return to Work After Maternity Leave?

How Many Hours Can Pregnant Women Work by Law?

How Long is Maternity Leave?

How Does Maternity Leave and Maternity Pay Work?

How do I Conduct a Risk Assessment for Pregnant Workers?

Do I Have to Tell my Employer if I am Pregnant?

Can I Reduce my Hours if I am Pregnant?

Can I Breastfeed at Work?

Can a New or Expectant Mother Still Work?

Am I Legally Required to do a Specific Risk Assessment for a Pregnant Employee?

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