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Customer Focus

Organisations that put the needs of their customers at the heart of their ethos tend to have an edge over their competitors and provide a better overall service. Our Customer Focus course shows employees how they can contribute... Read More »

1 hour +

Customer Service Soft Skills

This online training course on customer service soft skills is developed to demonstrate to employees the five most important drivers of customer satisfaction and how effective communication helps deliver them. The course... Read More »

35 minutes

Internal Customer Management

Sometimes we draw a distinction between roles that are customer facing and roles that are not. No matter what your role, you will have customers that you serve – and this can include colleagues and contractors (internal... Read More »

30 minutes

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Our Customer Service courses are available as part of the Performance Management eLearning Suite in one great package.

Customer complaint handling

It is good practice for organisations to have an internal complaints procedure that all members of staff – particularly those in customer service – are aware of. Indeed, for companies that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), maintaining a written customer complaints policy is a mandatory requirement.

The reason for this is that a complaint that is resolved properly, and in a timely fashion, can keep customers happy and relaxed, as well as protecting the firm's reputation (i.e. from word of mouth or internet review sites). Moreover, by training staff members to conscientiously log complaints and their outcomes, organisations are able to detect reoccurring issues and areas of concern and work quickly to resolve them.

Customer complaint handling
Customer Service

Our 'Complaints and Compliments' eLearning course contributes towards organisations' compliance with FCA guidelines. By completing the course (which invites learners to shadow a customer complaints officer as he receives both complaints and compliments from his clients) employees are brought up to speed on the appropriate way to record and respond to customer correspondence, and the appropriate steps to take during different examples and issues.

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) Training Courses

Our Treating Customers Fairly online training course is suitable for all levels of staff and is designed in an engaging and easy-to-use format that's both time and cost-effective. Allow your employees to brush up on TCF training whenever it's convenient for them – the courses can even be re-visited and re-tried as many times as you like.

Adding to this sense of flexibility is the fact that all of our courses are fully responsive. They can be taken on a variety of devices including smartphone, laptop, PC and tablet, and all courses render equally well across all platforms.

Our courses are built using the latest techniques in eLearning technology. We utilise these techniques including gamification, quizzes, challenges, story telling and real life case studies to bring eLearning to life and keep your learners engaged.

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) Training Courses
Additional Courses

Additional Courses

Our Customer Focus course shows employees how they can contribute to a customer service culture through effective communication and taking responsibility for meeting customer needs.

Soft Skills for Customer Service shows employees the five most important drivers of customer satisfaction and how effective communication helps deliver them.

Effective Internal Customer Management shows employees how they can contribute to the external customer experience through good internal customer care.

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