How does Customer Service Affect the Success of an Organisation? Image

The success of any organisation always relies on a large amount of factors working correctly, all pulling in the same direction. The way customers are treated is one of the most important.

Customer service has a huge bearing on whether a business will be successful or not. When clients feel they have been treated well and any problems have been dealt with smoothly and quickly, they will be more likely to spread the word and give you their repeat business. Great customer service is not just a "nice to have" – it's vital.

The Bottom Line

There can be a perception that customer service quality levels can be difficult to measure. Unlike sales, which has a clear number value that can be compared one month or year to the next simply, it can be difficult to know what you're looking for when it comes to customer service.

However, customer service directly impacts the "bottom line" in all businesses in several ways. Investing in customer service training for all staff pays off in tangible ways.

1. Repeat customers. Great customer service builds up goodwill with clients, who are then more likely to come back again. A solid collection of loyal customers, built over many years of good treatment, is a great foundation for a profitable company and future growth. Clients who are treated well and given the best possible customer service will remember this.

2. New Customers. Unlike the pre-internet age, if a prospect wants to know about your customer service, products and services, they can find this out within seconds. Whether it's multiple review platforms or social media, people are talking about your business – and what they say has a direct effect on your ability to attract new customers.

3. Lower Staff Turnover. Good customer service training is not only great for your customers, it's great for your staff too. It shows you are investing in their personal development and skills. If you can attract and retain talented customer service professionals, this is not only good news for your business but also good sense money-wise: you avoid the costs of onboarding new staff over and over. Likewise, people who treat their customers with respect are likely to treat their colleagues (or internal customers) in the same way, spreading workplace satisfaction and leading to a better working environment for everyone.

How does Customer Service Affect the Success of an Organisation?

A Good Reputation and Other Things You Can't Buy

Having covered the direct ways customer service training affects your business, it is important to remember that many "indirect" benefits are just as valuable. In fact, they often can't be bought or faked, and only a genuine commitment to customer service will achieve them.

1. Word of Mouth. Businesses often underestimate the simplest of marketing tools: word of mouth referrals. It's claimed that a single review from a trusted source like a family member, friend or colleague outweighs dozens of online reviews – for better or for worse. This shows that each interaction with every customer counts.

2. A Stellar Reputation. A business' reputation is made up of many things, from reviews to press coverage. It can take years to build. A reputation for great customer service is priceless and will be a huge advantage over any competitors. If clients are trusting you with their custom, they need to know that they will be treated well and any concerns will be listened to.

All of these business benefits require staff who put customer service at the height of their priorities and are well-trained to do that portion of their jobs.