Our Effective Communication Courses

Having Difficult Conversations

In our working lives, we will all need to have difficult conversations sometimes. These require a range of communication skills: verbal (e.g. using different types of questions), non-verbal (e.g. body language) and conversation... Read More »

20 minutes

Tips for Writing Effectively

Whether you're sending an email, writing a report or responding to a customer, good written communication is vital. Our Tips for Writing Effectively Take 5 course empowers employees to excel in this important workplace skill.... Read More »

5 minutes

Understanding Communication Styles

COMING SOON Everyone has different personality types and communication styles. When working in a team, it can be helpful to understand our own and others' styles so we can relate to each other better and communicate effectively.... Read More »

20 minutes

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Our Effective Communication courses are available as part of the Performance Training Suite in one great package.

Effective Communication in Business

Our Effective Communication courses help learners hone these skills and understand the role of communication styles in business contexts.

Focusing on key skills such as active listening, handling difficult conversations and writing effectively, our Effective Communication online training gives staff the information they need to succeed at communication.

The quality of your organisation's communication is vitally important, regardless of whether it is client-facing communication or interaction between colleagues, managers and teams. Good communication benefits the service you provide to clients and helps build teams, improving trust, engagement and productivity.

Effective Communication in Business

Effective Communication Insights

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