Our Employee Relations Courses

Flexible Working

The working environment is evolving. Collaborative technology is improving and many organisations now have a global reach. Many organisations are thinking differently about their working practices. Increasing flexibility... Read More »

8 minutes

Managing Change

There are several drivers that may prompt a significant change in your working environment. These could include restructuring, new management, moving to a new location, a shift to flexible or remote working, and shifts in... Read More »

8 minutes

Managing Grievances

When managing grievances, it is vital that all sides receive a fair hearing and treatment from management. Our Managing Grievances short course ensures managers are able to handle grievances and the associated processes well,... Read More »

20 minutes

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Our Employee Relations courses are available as part of the Performance Training Suite in one great package.

Employee Relations in Business

When organisations go through change or adversity, the working relationships between managers and their staff become even more important. Investment in this area leads to a healthier culture, the ability to meet customers' needs more effectively and lower staff turnover.

Our Employee Relations courses aim to help companies through periods of change, difficulty and growth.

Focusing on key skills such as managing change and flexible working, and working through the grievance process, our Employee Relations online training gives staff the information they need to have successful employee relations.

Employee Relations in Business

Employee Relations Insights

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