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Contractor Management

Although contractors aren't employees of your organisation, employers still have many responsibilities when it comes to managing them. There is a lot of legislation relevant to managing contactors, e.g. Health and Safety... Read More »

30 minutes

Disciplinary Matters

Disciplinary proceedings are never the most enjoyable aspect of a manager's job but they are an important tool for enforcing acceptable behavioural standards and making sure employees treat each other with respect. This course... Read More »

1 hour +

Flexible Working

This online training course on flexible working offers learners a comprehensive guide to managing and encouraging flexible working. The course also looks at the challenges that working more flexibly can create, the benefits... Read More »

45 minutes


During the course of any manager's working life, they will have to handle both informal and formal grievances being raised by their team. It is a vital skill for managers to be able to handle these sensitive issues in a way... Read More »

1 hour +

Handling Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations about performance, attendance or team relations are not the most enjoyable part of any manager's job. Done correctly, they can foster respect and trust, and address any budding problems before they... Read More »

40 minutes

Interviewing Skills

Hiring someone new can bring great benefits – if the recruitment process correctly identifies the strongest candidate. This course shows managers techniques which contribute to an effective recruitment process via interview... Read More »

45 minutes

Making Appraisals Count

This online training course on managing appraisals enables learners to see how preparing and planning really makes a difference to the success of an employee's appraisal and how successful appraisals benefit the employee,... Read More »

45 minutes

Objective Setting

This online training course on objective setting offers comprehensive guidance for managers on the importance of setting objectives for employees. The course also explores how to set effective objectives and how managers... Read More »

45 minutes

Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal is one of the main tools for managing performance. It's an opportunity for managers and employees to have a discussion about the individual's performance and development, and to ensure the employee... Read More »

25 minutes

Performance Capability

This online training course on performance capability offers a support tool to help managers understand the shared responsibility between an employee and their manage in improving standards of performance. This course also... Read More »

1.5 hours

Performance Management

This online training course on performance management is designed to offer guidance to line managers on how it can benefit them, their team members and their organisation. This course also introduces learners to the performance... Read More »

45 minutes

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Our Managers' Guides courses are available as part of the Performance Management eLearning Suite in one great package.

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