Objective Setting

Make sure your business and your employees are heading in the same direction

Key Learning Points:

  • The importance of objective setting
  • How to work with employees to agree and set objectives
  • What effective objectives are
  • How managers can support their employees while setting objectives
  • How to use the Six P's model of objective setting to create effective, purposeful objectives
Objective Setting
Objective Setting
Objective Setting
Objective Setting
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Course Overview

This online training course on objective setting offers comprehensive guidance for managers on the importance of setting objectives for employees. The course also explores how to set effective objectives and how managers can support their employees to set and achieve objectives. This course is designed to equip managers with the essential skills required to set objectives which align organisational strategy with individual targets and motivators.

Please note that this course is not yet compatible with mobile devices.

Course Details

  • Course duration: 45 minutes
  • Interactive online course with full voiceover
  • Final assessment to pass the course
  • Certificate on completion
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Course Contents

This online course on managing flexible working is broken down into three core topics.

What is Objective Setting?
What is Objective Setting?
Objective setting is a key part of the performance management process for any individual, team, and organisation. Objectives are something that you aim for like a goal or target. These can then provide a clear direction around what needs to be achieved, and by what time. This topic covers the definition of setting objectives.
Objectives provide employees with a clear sense of purpose and direction. Clear, measurable and achievable objectives also enable the line manager and the employee to work together to optimise performance through effective goal setting. The topic covers what is objective setting, why objectives are important and what to base objectives on.
Six Ps Model of Objective Setting
Six Ps Model of Objective Setting
The Six Ps model offers the six stepping stones to work through when setting objectives. By following each of the steps, learners will be able to create effective and purposeful objectives with their employees, increasing focus and morale. This topic is designed to equip the learners with a framework to follow while setting objectives.

Who Should Take This Course?

Setting objectives for employees is more often their line manager's responsibility, so any leaders and managers in charge of setting objectives for their teams should receive training. Our Objective Setting short course is ideal for those in management and leadership positions to help them implement objectives effectively.

  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Heads of Department
  • HR Professionals
  • Supervisors

The Assessment

The course concludes with a short quiz where learners will be tested on their knowledge and understanding. Learners will need to answer 80% of the questions correctly to pass the course. Learners will receive a certificate of completion on successfully completing the course. Learners can take the assessment again to improve their score.

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Effective Performance Management Training

Effective performance management relies on setting objectives for all areas of the business so that individuals and teams and are working towards the common goal of success for the business. Setting objectives also helps understand the strengths and skills of the business and identify the areas that need improvements. Training managers to set objectives effectively helps them to guide their teams better and enable them to lead more effectively.

Effective Performance Management Training


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What does setting objectives mean?
Objectives help define what the team is trying to achieve and how it can contribute to the overall success of a business. It is vital for those in leadership and management position to get the process of setting objectives right. Setting carefully formulated and targeted objectives can guide individuals, teams and their organisation in the right direction.
How to set good objectives?
For objectives to be effective, they must be specific, measurable and time bound. Specific and measurable objectives offer a definition for the success of a project or campaign - setting achievable and realistic objectives can engage and motivate employees. Objectives should be time-bound to ensure that all stakeholders – employees, managers and their organisation all agree when it should be achieved.
Why is it important to set goals?
It is important to set specific, measurable goals so people can be motivated to work towards them without unnecessary ambiguity. It can help people to allocate their time and resources towards goals that matter to the organisation as a whole. Goals must be neither too narrow nor unachievable, as this can have the opposite effect on morale.

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