Key Learning Points:

  • Why is a sickness absence management policy important
  • What are the key principles of a sickness absence policy
  • The importance of handling sickness absence effectively and sensitively
  • How to manage the informal stages of the sickness absence procedure
  • How to manage the formal stages of the sickness absence procedure
Sickness Absence
Sickness Absence
Sickness Absence
Sickness Absence
Sickness Absence
CPD Points

Course Overview

This online training course on sickness absence has been developed as a support tool to help learners manage sickness absence fairly and consistently. This course provides a clear framework for managers to resolve sickness absence issues as quickly as possible, in a fair and consistent way and ensuring they follow their organisation's policies and procedures as well as the law. The course is designed to offer tips, advice and information on how to manage sickness absence efficiently.

Please note that this course is not yet compatible with mobile devices.

Course Details

  • Course duration: 75 minutes
  • Interactive online course
  • Final assessment to pass the course
  • Certificate on completion
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Course Contents

This online course on managing sickness absence is broken down into five main modules.

Good Practice Sickness Absence Management
Good Practice Sickness Absence Management
In this module, learners will look at the eight key elements highlighted as good practice for managing sickness absence and look at how a formal process could be structured within this framework. Learners will also receive additional guidance, advice, tips and information to help you cope with sickness issues. With a subject such as an employees’ level of sickness absence, it is important managers are aware of the issues and the best way to handle them.
Managing Sickness Absence at Formal Stage 1
Managing Sickness Absence at Formal Stage 1
This module looks at the Formal Stage 1 of an example Sickness Absence Management Policy. The purpose of a Stage 1 Meeting is for a manager to discuss the employee’s sickness absence, to set targets where appropriate and provide relevant support. This module provides learners with information and guidance which will help them to do this in a fair, consistent way, so expectations are clear and met on both sides of the equation.
Managing Sickness Absence at Formal Stage 2
Managing Sickness Absence at Formal Stage 2
This module explains the Formal Stage 2 of the Sickness Absence Management Policy. The Stage 2 meeting is progressed if an Occupational Health report has been received, and/or the employee’s absence has continued for a further 4 weeks or the employee has failed to reach the attendance targets set in Formal Stage 1. A discussion follows about the employee’s sickness absence to set targets and provide relevant support.
Managing Sickness Absence at Formal Stage 3
Managing Sickness Absence at Formal Stage 3
This module covers the final stage in the Sickness Absence Management Policy. The purpose of a Stage 3 Hearing is to decide on the employee’s future employment, based on medical evidence and the impact on service delivery as a result of their levels of absence. The module also looks at how to deal with a recommendation to dismiss an employee is a management decision based on all relevant information including medical advice.

Who Should Take This Course?

Our Sickness Absence course is ideal for Managers at all levels as well as those working in HR, to help them manage sickness absence more efficiently and ensure that a suitable policy is in place to ensure sickness absence is managed in a fair and consistent manner.

  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Heads of Department
  • HR Professionals
  • Supervisors

The Assessment

The course concludes with a short quiz where learners are tested on their knowledge and understanding. Learners need to answer 80% of the questions correctly to pass the course. Learners will receive a certificate of completion on successfully completing the course. Learners can take the assessment again to improve their score.

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Dealing with Sickness Absence

Each year, 190 million working days are lost due to sickness absence in the UK. Missing out on work due to sickness can be costly for organisations, leading to a loss in productivity and profits. It can also result in workplace disruption and negativity from colleagues who might be left with covering extra work. All organisations must be committed to promoting the health, safety and welfare of their employees, and a comprehensive sickness absence management policy can help organisations to achieve this. It is important to find a balance between encouraging employees to maximise their attendance and performance at work whilst recognising that there will be occasions when this is not possible due to absence caused by sickness.

Dealing with Sickness Absence


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Why is managing sickness absence important?
It is important to manage absence through sickness in order to reduce employee absenteeism due to illness or injury. Organisation policies and procedures should cover this and the most effective way to create an impact is by communicating these efficiently to both employees and managers, with managers taking a proactive role in applying them.
What is an absence management policy?
An absence management policy is designed to reduce the impact of excessive or unnecessary employee absenteeism to minimise workplace disruption. An absence management policy should be fair and consistent while taking into account sickness and other unforeseen circumstances that cause employees to miss work. A typical absence policy often outlines the process an employee is expected to follow when they miss work including how to inform their manager, and what happens when they return back to work.
How does sickness absence affect a business?
Though some level of sickness absence is a natural consequence of employing human beings, if it is repeated or runs over a long period of time, it can disrupt the organisation’s work. It causes delays in workflows and projects and may mean meetings and events have to be rescheduled often. Employers should always be mindful of treating employees on sickness absence with respect and understanding.

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