Our Performance Management Courses

Employee Investigations and Hearings

COMING SOON When grievances and performance issues occur, the first stage is often to try to resolve them informally. When this is not possible, a formal investigation process must be followed. It is vital managers and business... Read More »

20 minutes

Giving Useful Feedback

COMING SOON Giving good feedback lets employees know how they are doing in terms of their work-related performance and behaviours. It is one of the most valuable skills a manager has to motivate employees and improve performance.... Read More »

5 minutes

Managing Disciplinaries

COMING SOON Disciplinaries can be a sensitive subject and challenging for managers to navigate. Training on how to handle them well and understand the process is important for managers to have, since it builds their skillset... Read More »

15-20 minutes

Monitoring Performance Effectively

Monitoring performance is a vital part of performance management. It allows managers to recognise good performances, spot issues early and support their staff to get the best out of them. Our Monitoring Performance Effectively... Read More »

5 minutes

The Performance Management Lifecycle

COMING SOON The success of any organisation depends on the efforts of individual employees. It's essential that each individual delivers their best possible performance. Organisations aim to achieve this goal through performance... Read More »

5 minutes

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Our Performance Management courses are available as part of the Performance Training Suite in one great package.

Performance Management in Business

Effective performance management is important for motivating staff and aligning their work targets with the objectives of the business. Our courses guide managers through these vital skills that don't always come naturally.

Performance Management in Business
Performance Management

Our Performance Management courses develop all the skills a manager needs to be at their most effective, whether they're a new manager or experienced in senior roles.

Focusing on key skills such as setting objectives, measuring and monitoring performance and giving useful feedback, our Performance Management online training helps business leaders build on their management skills.

Performance Management Insights

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