Protect the security, reputation and financial health of your business.

How it Works

Send phishing emails to your employees

Track and report on who opens and clicks on links in the email

Automatically deploy online training to employees that 'fail'

Re-send the phishing emails to monitor improvement

Key Features

Ready built phishing emails

Choose from 1000's of templates (or you can create your own)

Easy to use interface

Roll out your phishing training quickly and easily

Comprehensive reporting

Get the data you need to identify security weaknesses

Automated workflow

Auto enrol your employees on eLearning to improve their knowledge and protect your business

Why choose our Phishing Simulator?

Added Value

The added value is in the quality and breadth of our training solutions.

You could just use the simulator to assess how vulnerable your business is to phishing attacks. But what then? You know there's a problem but how do you solve it?

Bridge the skills gap

To protect your business you need to deploy high quality training to your employees.

Proven training that is delivered in a variety of formats designed to engage your learners and aid their knowledge retention.

AI Driven

Our solution uses Artificial Intelligence to identify learning needs and deliver the appropriate training.

Protecting your corporate network is achieved through the psychology of changing people's behaviour.

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Proven Training Solutions

If your learners fail the simulation you could auto enrol them onto our Phishing Awareness course.

You could choose a selection of our Information Security courses.

For the biggest impact you could opt for our Information Security Collection.

Our Information Security Training

This is the complete solution to your Information Security training needs and consists of 20+ courses featuring a variety of learning styles and fresh content to provide a long term solution to your training needs. The collection features






And covers topics including:

  • Phishing
  • Keeping Information Secure
  • Protecting your identity
  • Setting secure passwords
  • Securing mobile devices
  • Social engineering

An Astute Solution

The phishing simulator is hosted within our intelligent learning platform, Astute LXP

Why do I need a Phishing Simulator?


of businesses experienced a phishing attack in 2020


of data breaches involved phishing


Average cost to businesses who were victims

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