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What’s new and what’s in the pipeline for our intelligent , AI driven Learning Experience Platform


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Personalise your learner homepage by changing its look and feel to suit you

Security groups

Assign specific roles and permissions to individual users using Astute's security groups feature.

Advanced reporting

Offers standard and custom report builders, and can be automated to reduce administration overload

Phishing Simulator

Send phishing emails to your employees, track and report on who opens and clicks on links in them. Then automatically deploy online training to those employees in need of further phishing awareness training.

Coming Soon

Additional Languages

Increased number of languages to be available in Astute

Working time disclaimer

Translatable working time disclaimer text

Social Communications Tool

A tool to allow messaging, company news feeds and a document library to Astute. This function has been updated to work more intuitively. ‘Messages’ will now only show direct messages received by the user and ‘company news’ will show company announcements only.

Company news

Users may now hide, recover, or search company news announcements.


Management Dashboard

Customisable dashboards to allow admins to configure quick access to their most commonly used features, such as quick links, report snapshots

Integration Project

Off the shelf integration with various platforms to be used instead of emails for triggers/chasers/messages. Including Teams, Push notifications to the Myastute app, desktop notifications. Email will still remain an option and be default


Learner security questions functionality so they can reset their password without email if necessary

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