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DeltaNet gives businesses free access to Diversity and Inclusion eLearning courses for National Inclusion Week 2022

This week, we are providing free access to our full Diversity and Inclusion eLearning courses for businesses to improve their D&I training for all employees during National Inclusion Week 2022, which takes place from 26th September to 2nd October 2022.  

In support of the awareness week, led by membership organisation Inclusive Employers, the 15 training courses created for all employees and managers will be available for free for 7 days, and include:  


The need to educate on diversity is made clear by Google search data which shows online searches for ‘gender pronouns in the workplace’ has risen by 500% over the past three years (April 2020 – April 2022). 

There has also been a significant increase in searches for ‘unconscious bias at work’ of 58% during the same period. 

‘Bullying, harassment and discrimination at work’ searches grew dramatically by three-fifths (62.5%), ‘disability discrimination at work’ searches increased by half (51.25%), ‘racial discrimination at work’ searches rose by 40.3%, and ‘age discrimination at work’ searches grew by almost a third (30.6%).

Darren Hockley, Managing Director at DeltaNet International, said: 

“We must educate employees at all levels to be more aware of unconscious bias to help change viewpoints and build an inclusive culture. Therefore, businesses cannot underestimate the importance of training. 

“Training allows organisations to create a compliant culture and educate employees on common issues, from using the correct gender pronouns to treating disabled workers with respect. 

“Employee Tribunal Data from WorkNest showed that nearly half of the Employment Tribunal Claims they received during January 2019 and December 2021 included some form of discrimination.  

“Disability was the protected characteristic most relied upon by Claimants during this period, and there was a 52% surge in sex-related discrimination claims and a 27% rise in claims related to race between 2021 and 2019. 

“Unconscious bias and sexual harassment remain apparent in the workplace, so employees must understand what behaviour is expected of them. Likewise, line managers must learn to manage the situations they may find themselves in dealing with diversity and inclusion issues in the workplace. 

“Stamping out discrimination in the workplace is critical for organisations to thrive and enhances their internal creativity and ways of thinking. Research has even shown that diverse businesses are more profitable, but in order to have a happy, diverse workforce, it must be truly inclusive.” 

“Our diversity and inclusion online training solutions are up-to-date to be reflective of the current workforce, address issues most commonly seen and take into account the most recent updates to equality legislation.” 

DeltaNet International’s courses allow employees and managers to understand the UK equality legislative requirements. This includes gender equality, disability inclusion in the workplace, and addressing sexual harassment.  

To access the free courses, sign up here between 26th September and 2nd October 2022, and you will have free access to the platform for seven days.  

There are 15 courses in total and each course takes on average 15 minutes to complete.  

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